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You can download intermediate version of psqlodbc drivers(Windows) here.

 Please download official psqlodbc drivers (12.1.0000 is the latest) at the page
and the corresponding source code could be seen at this page

About PSQLODBC driver(11.xx.xxxx)

The snapshot release version 9.3.0301 is available below. Download and unzip the file. You can find a msi file and can install the new drivers using the msi file as usual.
driver name file to download contents
PostgreSQL Unicode and ANSI  Unicode+ODBC3.51
postgresql ?U?Sbit Really experimental 64bit

You can download the test drivers 12.02.0100.

You can download the test drivers for old OSs 12.01.0100.

If you have any  problem,  please send me  a mail.