Apache Jena

SDB - persistent triple stores using relational databases

SDB uses an SQL database for the storage and query of RDF data.
Many databases are supported, both Open Source and proprietary.

An SDB store can be accessed and managed with the provided command line scripts and via the Jena API.

However, Use of SDB for new applications is not recommended.
Jena Fuseki SDB Jena architecture overview

1) PostgreSQL setup

2) sdbconfig
sdbconfig --sdb=sdb_pgsql.ttl --create

3) RDF load
sdbload --sdb=sdb_pgsql.ttl rdf.ttl

4) fuseki run
fuseki-server --config=config.ttl

example environment)


export SDBROOT=`pwd`
export PATH=.:bin:$PATH:
export SDB_CP=${CLASSPATH}:fuseki-server.jar:
export SDB_JDBC="lib/postgresql-42.2.8.jar"

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run test PostgreSQL

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